Lower Ekuosia

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Lower Ekuosia
PopulationApprox. 300 million
DemonymLower Ekuosian
LanguagesNeviran, Adzamasi, Povan, Osuri, others
Time zonesSCT+2 to SCT+4
Largest citiesSee list

Lower Ekuosia is a region of Baredina and a subregion of Ekuosia, commonly defined as the area between the Tabiq River in the west and the Saru Sea in the east. It is comprised of the countries of Nevira, the Povan Union, Tabiqa, and sometimes includes the [Adzo-Xhovic PCL]. The region takes its name from the Ekuos River, which runs through the south of these countries and terminates in the Great Delta. Lower Ekuosia is the homeland of most Adzo-Neviric peoples.

Lower Ekuosia is a subdivision of the region of Ekuosia, characterized by its Adzo-Neviric population and languages, the prevalence of the Quuroist religion, its history as a seat of major empires in Baredina.


The name Lower Ekuosia refers to how the Ekuos River, the most important waterway which flows through the region. It is also referred to as Downstream Ekuosia.


Empires that used the Povans as bargaining chips.


Lower Ekuosia comprises the easternmost reaches of the Ekuosian desert before progressing through savannah, scrubland, and forest towards the east. It is broken up by short mountain ranges, but is mostly composed of flat regions of desert, plains, and lowlands.

The climate is uniformly hot, ranging from extremely hot and arid in the west to wet tropical and monsoon climates along the coast.


The population of Lower Ekuosia is approximately 300 million people based on 2018 censuses from its constituent nations. The most populous is Nevira with 132 million, followed by the Povan Union at 103 million. Tabiqa and [Adzo-Xhovic PCL] lag behind at under 40 million apiece.

These countries are home to dozens of ethnic groups, with the majority of the population belonging to various Adzo-Neviric groups. Also native to the region are and [[Kaffic] people in the north, Xhovians in the south, and [others?]. Nevira is also home to many immigrants from its former overseas colonies in Lahan and Ystel.


The capital cities of the constituent countries are Yisma (Nevira), Aramos (Povania), and Mehyaran (Tabiqa). Other major cities with over 1 million inhabitants include Ziathi and Sedhishum'a in Tabiqa, Kaubeja in Povania, and Nusim in Nevira.