Luyuan Confederacy

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Luyuan Confederacy

c. 1050–1643
Capital Not specified
Languages Táú Luyu, High Thap
Government Semi-democratic confederacy
Historical era Antiquity
 •  Confederacy c. 1050
 •  Annexed May 16, 1643
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The Luyuan confederacy, also called Luyuo, was an early democratic society in southwestern Lahan. It was a semi-unified, independent nation from prehistory into the colonial era, often changing its size and borders, and had complicated relationships with neighbouring nations. Early Neviran colonizers considered the Confederacy to be a tributary of the Kingdom of Thap, as most Luyuans spoke High Thap. It was annexed by Thap in 1643 with help from the Neviran colonizers, who in turn eventually took over the expanded Kingdom.

Territory of the former Confederacy is now mostly within modern-day Thúyo, with a small extent across the inland border into western Kaiyyo. Many places within the area bear its name to this day, including the modern capital city of Thúyo, Luyu'acho.

It is often listed among the so-called Rubber "Dynasties" or "Kingdoms" of pre-colonial Lahan, despite its democratic nature.


Although there are no written records of the beginning of the Luyuan confederacy, oral tradition at the time of early Neviran colonization indicated that the confederacy had existed, in its more-or-less modern form, for at least 600 years, prior to which the various peoples which made it up formed independent societies, with those in coastal areas having considerably more power than their inland cousins.

Those on the coast had a lucrative trade network westward spanning all the way up to Áyczòs, a peninsula in modern Daluyo.


  • many somewhat-independent tribes
  • those tribes had mostly-hereditary leaders but there were elements of democracy
  • the ruling of the whole confederacy was strictly democratic (among the representative leaders)
  • probably limits on the kinda stuff they could do tho


As one of the Rubber Dynasties, Luyuo…

  • did a lot of rubber stuff
  • they discovered vulcanization
  • and kept it as a carefully guarded secret for a few hundred years