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The Mañic script family is the family of scripts descended from the Mañi abugida. The languages traditionally written with this family are all Ngerupic languages, and most of them belong to the Mañic family.

Because the Mañi abugida and Old Tekaunye syllabary are indirectly descended from Letso-Terminian, it is usually considered a genus of the Ekuosian script family. However, the Old Tekaunye syllabary did not take its sound-symbol mappings directly from Letso-Terminian, and was instead visually inspired by it and created by scribes who may not have been literate in Letso-Terminian or indeed in any language. Some scholars therefore interpret this as an independent script family.

List of Mañic scripts

Depending on the source, the Yachiro syllabary, which has a common ancestor with the Mañi abugida in the Old Tekaunye syllabary, may or may not be included.

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