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Condominium of Macyeaq
and largest city
Macyeaq City
Official languages Qonklese
Recognised national languages Macyeaq Creole
Demonym Macyeaqi
Sovereign state  Qonklaks
 Terminian Dominion
Government Unitary parliamentary representative democracy under constitutional republics
 -  President ?
 -  Grand Vizier of Cerman Váázegy Groz
 -  Minister for Macyeaq ?
 -  President of Qonklaks Rä-rüv Drüg
Legislature Macyeaq House
 -  Total 6,767.8 km2
2,613 sq mi
 -  2013 census 10,361,277
 -  Density 1530.97/km2
3,965.2/sq mi
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $166.48 billion
 -  Per capita $19,293.34
Currency Cermani Jikow (CMJ), Qonklese Wocij (QKW)
Time zone Glorp Mean Time (SCT+0)
Drives on the left
Internet TLD

Macyeaq (/ˈmakjak/ or /məˈkjak/), officially the Condominium of Macyeaq, is a condominium under the joint sovereignty of Qonklaks and the Terminian Dominion. Located in Soltenna and bordering the Amiyant Sea, its only land border is with Qonklaks. Of the total population of 10.37 million, 8,628,945 (83.3%) are citizens of Cerman and 1,732,332 (16.7%) are citizens of Qonklaks.