Mai Time Ming

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Mai Tìmè Ming
ma i t`i m`e ming
Prince of Karduv
PredecessorPosition established, preceded by the Mai Emperor
SuccessorPosition abolished, succeeded by the Dictator of Karduv
HouseMai Dynasty
FatherMai Chyo Ngò

Mai Tìmè Ming was the last member and descendant of the Mai Dynasty in Qonklaks and Karduv. Born in 1910 under the Military Regency in Karduv, Mai Time was never truly intended to come into power, and spent most his life locked in the lavish palace of the Mai Dynasty.

Early life

Subordinate to the regency

Under the regency, Mai Time had no power, as the military continued to declare him "unfit to rule" despite being in healthy physical and mental condition. No matter how much Mai Time attempted to assert his authority in the state, the military would simply ignore him, and often completely forgot of his existence.

Coup and exile


When Va Bung launched his coup in 1939, the prince's position was formally abolished, as Va Bung became dictator of Karduv. Va Bung himself gave Mai Time a warning that he would need to leave the palace in 5 days or be thrown out. Mai Time briefly attempted to stir up support in Karduv, but much of the populace either didn't know who he was, or thought he was a fraud; causing him to eventually leave the country in 1940.


Mai Time arrived in X in 1940, and spent a significant time petitioning local authorities to support his claim in Karduv. X