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Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Maithic languages are a language family of at least X languages, spoken by Maithic peoples across Western to Central Miraria. They originated near X before migrating and diverging into Eastern and Western Branches. Spoken by X people natively and by X people as a second language, the family is X. The Maithic language with the largest amount of speakers is Maithic.

The family has many unique features, and is characterized by X. Languages between the two branches are unintelligible, due to Western Maithic's adoption of several areal features in Soltenna, and East Mirarian influences in Eastern Maithic. Languages in the Western branch have a high degree of mutual intelligibility, thanks to their common ancestor Old Maithic, which spread through West Soltenna following the Maithic Conquest.


Maithic is divided into two branches, Western and Eastern. All extant Western Maithic languages are descended from Old Maithic, while Eastern Maithic languages are more diverse.


  • Western Maithic
    • Old Maithic
      • Maithic
      • X
      • X
  • Eastern Maithic
    • Proto-Eastern Maithic
      • X
      • X



The homeland of the Proto-Maithic people is believed to have been in X on the Gelog Sea, before being displaced by the expanding ???. These people then split into Western and Eastern groups, with the Western group migrating into Soltenna, and the Eastern group migrating into Central Miraria.



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