Mbamigi Archipelago

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Mbamigi Islands
Native name: Zaigali Mbamigi
Mbamigi Height.png
Relief map of the Mbamigi Islands.
Mbamigi locator.png
Location of the Mbamigi Islands on Sahar.
LocationSira Gulf, Dragon Sea
Total islands37
Major islands12
Area37,542.22 km2 (14,495.13 sq mi)
Capital cityNdoone 'Age
Largest settlementNdoone 'Age (pop. 412,123)
PresidentIozu Ngelembe
Population881,062 (as of 2014)
Density23.47 /km2 (60.79 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsBarmeki
Additional information
Time zone
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The Mbamigi Archipelago (Zaigali Mbamigi IPA: /zai.' ba.', also known as the Mbamigi Islands are an archipelago which make up all of the territory of the Republic of the Mbamigi Islands. The archipelago is situated in the Sira Gulf, off the southeastern coast of Nagu and north of Boroso and the Island of Dhwer.

The archipelago is made up of 37 islands as well as numerous islets, reefs, and atolls. These include 12 major islands and 25 minor islands. The islands are arranged into five provinces as part of the Republic of the Mbamigi Islands.

Formerly known as the Pamek Archipelago while under Dhweran control, after independence they were formally renamed the Mbamigi Archipelago in 1922, after the largest island in the chain.

The Mbamigi islands are continental islands and are geologically part of the continent of Nagu. Evidence shows that until approximately 120,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, the Mbamigi Islands were part of the main continent, which formed a land-bridge between southeastern Nagu and northern Boroso.

Despite the geologic connection to Nagu, the islands are, due to historic and political ties (especially to the United Kingdom of Dhwer and Penkrot), considered part of Boroso.


Islands and reefs

Major islands

The 12 major islands of Mbamigi are listed below.

Island Province Area (km2) (sq mi) Population Population Density (per km2) {per sq mi)
Mbamigi Mbamigi Province 9,017.26 km2 (3,481.58 sq mi) 109,430 12.14/km2 (31.4/sq mi)
Donngzu Mbamigi Province 357.82 km2 (138.16 sq mi) 12,132 33.91/km2 (87.8/sq mi)
Giubadi Mbamigi Province 159.65 km2 (61.64 sq mi) 1,212 7.59/km2 (19.7/sq mi)
Ziilem Ziilem Provence 8,780.75 km2 (3,390.27 sq mi) 6,109 0.70/km2 (1.8/sq mi)
Nge'iing Ziilem Provence 108.32 km2 (41.82 sq mi) 2,133 19.69/km2 (51.0/sq mi)
Zango'a Zango'a Province 3,755.76 km2 (1,450.11 sq mi) 98,110 26.12/km2 (67.7/sq mi)
Ga'igi Zango'a Province 2,778.89 km2 (1,072.94 sq mi) 6,531 2.35/km2 (6.1/sq mi)
Nae Geengi Nae Geengi Province 3,737.04 km2 (1,442.88 sq mi) 6,423 1.72/km2 (4.5/sq mi)
'Age 'Age Province 5,648.91 km2 (2,181.06 sq mi) 535,344 94.52/km2 (244.8/sq mi)
U'i 'Age Province 799.41 km2 (308.65 sq mi) 34,111 42.67/km2 (110.5/sq mi)
Zeuazi 'Age Province 500.69 km2 (193.32 sq mi) 2,381 4.76/km2 (12.3/sq mi)
Me'odii 'Age Province 222.74 km2 (86.00 sq mi) 7,631 34.26/km2 (88.7/sq mi)

Minor islands, reefs and atolls

Island Province Area (km2) (sq mi) Population Population Density (per km2) {per sq mi)
Mo'oi Mbamigi Province 75.62 km2 (29.20 sq mi) 8,522 112.69/km2 (291.9/sq mi)
Zeilagal Mbamigi Province 51.33 km2 (19.82 sq mi) 3,272 63.74/km2 (165.1/sq mi)
Badubmbum Mbamigi Province 44.12 km2 (17.03 sq mi) 1,238 28.06/km2 (72.7/sq mi)
Iigu Mbamigi Province 31.33 km2 (12.10 sq mi) 981 31.31/km2 (81.1/sq mi)
Iaal Mbamigi Province 30.31 km2 (11.70 sq mi) 211 6.96/km2 (18.0/sq mi)
'Anngine Ziilem Provence 97.45 km2 (37.63 sq mi) 2,393 24.56/km2 (63.6/sq mi)
Diu Ziilem Provence 76.35 km2 (29.48 sq mi) 341 4.47/km2 (11.6/sq mi)
Uabei Ziilem Provence 63.33 km2 (24.45 sq mi) 212 3.35/km2 (8.7/sq mi)
'Aduu Zango'a Province 99.99 km2 (38.61 sq mi) 4,532 45.33/km2 (117.4/sq mi)
Oziombie Zango'a Province 91.12 km2 (35.18 sq mi) 1,995 21.89/km2 (56.7/sq mi)
Uai Zango'a Province 87.33 km2 (33.72 sq mi) 6,522 74.68/km2 (193.4/sq mi)
Dui Zango'a Province 76.98 km2 (29.72 sq mi) 6,351 82.51/km2 (213.7/sq mi)
Ezegu Zango'a Province 69.99 km2 (27.02 sq mi) 941 13.44/km2 (34.8/sq mi)
Olei Zango'a Province 68.30 km2 (26.37 sq mi) 4,327 63.35/km2 (164.1/sq mi)
Duu Zango'a Province 67.56 km2 (26.09 sq mi) 4,421 65.43/km2 (169.5/sq mi)
Gaa'ii Zango'a Province 59.70 km2 (23.05 sq mi) 371 6.21/km2 (16.1/sq mi)
Oi'i Zango'a Province 43.98 km2 (16.98 sq mi) 781 17.76/km2 (46.0/sq mi)
Eilem Zango'a Province 42.11 km2 (16.26 sq mi) 213 5.06/km2 (13.1/sq mi)
Uuzi Nae Geengi Province 97.10 km2 (37.49 sq mi) 1,097 11.30/km2 (29.3/sq mi)
Gaing 'Age Province 99.71 km2 (38.50 sq mi) 435 4.36/km2 (11.3/sq mi)
Zoibiba'a 'Age Province 88.31 km2 (34.10 sq mi) 3,452 39.09/km2 (101.2/sq mi)
Zoibioge 'Age Province 75.53 km2 (29.16 sq mi) 6,432 85.15/km2 (220.5/sq mi)
Zaule 'Age Province 72.11 km2 (27.84 sq mi) 435 6.03/km2 (15.6/sq mi)
Uazege 'Age Province 65.32 km2 (25.22 sq mi) 43 0.66/km2 (1.7/sq mi)

Islets, reefs and atolls

The Republic of the Mbamigi Islands counts 137 total "islands" in the Mbamigi archipelago. This number includes all minor islands and islets offshore of the major and minor islands (listed above) and individual islets in each atoll.










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