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Nickname(s): The City of Fire, The Flaming City, The Birthplace of Bomo

'Mevizhi (pronunciation: /meʋɨʒi/) is the capital city of Bomo, located on the eastern coast, in the region of Ka'atsinen. Mevizhi is home to the Crimson Palace, as well as the Zhuji Yngatsa (pronunciation: /ʒɯji ɤŋätsa/), both prominent Federal government buildings. This city is also a prominent trading city, and a large commercial fishing hub. There are two main ethnic subgroups that call Mevizhi home, and that is a cause of great tension in the city. Mevizhi is one of the only parts of Bomo with notable tourism, due to a thriving arts community and the governmental significance of the city.


It is unclear where the name Mevizhi came from, but local legend says that Mevizhi was a woman that lived in this area long ago, and when people began to migrate to Lahan, she stayed behind, to protect her family's land and the culture that was so dear to her. The legend goes that one by one, every member of her family left her, even her children, and her partner. But still she stayed. She is seen by the residents of Ka'atsinen as the mother of Bomo.







There are many festivals that take place in the city, and many of the country-wide festivals are celebrated in Mevizhi in large celebrations.

The Celebration of Mevizhi

Each spring, the residents of Mevizhi celebrate the mother of Bomo. The celebration consists of a citywide feast, hosted in many different locations, and headed by the Counselor of Ka'atsinen, and a series of traditional dances and songs. The festival concludes with a traditional candle lighting ceremony to honor family members that did not last the winter, and to honor women that have given birth that year. Traditional dress is also a large part of the ceremony. Women wear white gowns, and men wear yellow tunics. Both men and women wear traditional jewelry and other accessories.


Gepukefi is a yearly celebration of the entrance into adulthood. It takes place in the midst of summer, and all of the 16 year old men and women of the city gather to be welcomed into adulthood. There are a number of different ways that this ceremony is celebrated, with wealthier families having large private parties, middle class families having smaller family gatherings, and the poorest citizens attending mass ceremonies led by the government. The main event of the ceremony is a ritual dance, performed by those that are coming of age, that can last for hours, depending on the amount of people that are coming of age at the ceremony, and the preferences of the families of those coming of age. Traditional dress for this ceremony is a crimson tunic and head wrap, the only time a person is culturally allowed to wear that color, as it is a nationwide cultural symbol of royalty. Those that are coming of age also pain their faces and body with intricate designs of black ink, and wear wooden or metal jewelry around their necks, wrists, waists, and ankles. Another very important part of this ceremony is the assumption to the throne of a new Counselor. If the current Counselor believes that one of those eligible in their family that is coming of age should be their successor, then they surrender the throne at the beginning of the ceremony. Those in their family that are coming of age, which could be anywhere from one to, at highest recorded, 15 in number, depending on the circumstances, are then presented near the end of the ceremony, as the sun sets, and the retired counselor names their successor in front of the whole city. The new Counselor then recites a traditional sacred text before the crowd, and extinguishes the flame of the fire of the old counselor, and lights their own new eternal flame, that remains lit as long as they remain in power.

The Fire Dance

The Fire Dance is a ceremony that happens in the middle of winter. It is a large spectacle that is put together by the people, and consists of a giant performance in the streets of the city that includes music, dancing, acrobatics, and of course, lots of flames. This is largest tourist event of the year in all of Bomo, but is also a meaningful celebration for the people of the city. The dance is said to bring back the warmth of summer, and drive away the cold of winter. At its highest, the ceremony included over 300 performers.

Art, Architecture, and Fashion

Visual Arts

Mevizhi is home to a thriving visual arts community. The city is covered in beautiful street art and murals, and there are a number of Museums, Galleries, and Marketplaces where artists go to show off and sell their work. The most expensive and beautiful art gallery in the city is the Crimson Gallery, on the grounds of the Crimson Palace of Ka'atsinen. Here is kept the private collection of the Counselor, and getting tickets to a showing there is expensive and exclusive. Newer, less esteemed artists often go to show off their work at the many markets of the city, or in one of the many other art galleries.

Performing Arts

The music and theatre scene of Mevizhi is a thriving community. The largest event of the year is of course the Fire Dance, and landing a spot in that performance is seen as the highest position a performer can achieve without leaving the country. The music of Mevizhi is different to that of the rest of Bomo in that it has a charateristic mix of traditional instruments and stylistic elements with more 'modern' elements like electronic music or instruments from other countries.


The architecture of Mevizhi is unique due to it being home to some of the only skyscrapers in the country. The single most characteristic element that defines Mevizhi architecture is the incorporation of murals and street art almost everywhere. It is not uncommon for developers to hire artists to create murals or graffiti on their buildings.


The fashion scene in Bomo is has a similar feel to music scene, in that traditional and modern aspects are combined to create unique styles. Bommese designers often show off their designs by dressing performers in the Fire Dance. There is a large market in Mevizhi for unique and handmade items in contrast to manufactured or brand name items.



Mevizhi has four main governing bodies; the Counselor, the Governor, the District Senator and the Mayor of Mevizhi.

The Counselor

The role of the Counselor in the governing of Mevizhi is mostly diplomatic. They appear in public ceremonies and government events, but have no real power in the governing of the city itself. Although the Counselor technically has governing power over to province of Ka'atsinen, this power is most often held instead by the Governor.

The Governor

The Governor is appointed by the Counselor, but must be approved by the people. If the people reject the appointment, the appointment is made by the Senators of the province, with no approval vote. The Governor has formal power over the Province, although the Counselor is allowed to overturn any decision made by the Governor. In the ruling of Mevizhi, the Governor can make decisions that affect the city, but does not do everything.

The Senator

The senator is also a diplomatic head of Mevizhi, and is responsible for representing the citizens of Mevizhi in the National government.

The Mayor

Most of the legislative and governmental power of the City of Mevizhi is held by the mayor. They are an elected official with a five year term that runs the city. They are responsible for heading the government of the city, managing trade in the city, and so on and so forth.


International relations