Mezkan Crisis

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Mezkan Crisis
Mezkan Crisis.jpg
SRS Sannen sinking the RMS Jestrun
DateJuly 9, 1858 - August 4, 1858
LocationTaanttu Sea

Shohuanese-Letzian victory

  • Defeat of the Mwamban Empire
  • Mezkan independence
 Shohuan  Letzia Mwamban Empire
Commanders and leaders
Shohuan Admiral Annado Erniets Letzia Admiral Uzedlem Jovys Emperor Práztus II
17 ships
1,200 Marines
25 ships
2,000 Marines
24 ships
10,000 - 25,000 troops
Casualties and losses
Light Heavy naval losses, low land casualties

The Mezkan Crisis or the Mezkian Crisis of 1858 as it was called, was a series of events that led to Mezka's independence from the declining Mwamban Empire, aided with the combined forces of Letzia and Shohuan's fleets and was one of the first naval battles involving ironclads with the debut of the SRS Sannen during the Battle of the Mezkan Strait. The battle premiered Shohuan's entry into the Taanttu Sea and led to the TBA Crisis that involved Shohuan and several of the competing powers of the Taanttu Sea.


The Mwamban Empire was in a strong decline and was soon falling apart at the time of the Shohuanese merchant expedition's arrival. The Mwamban Emperor had refused to agree on terms with the Shohuanese and had decided to look into Mwamba's smaller administration regions for a better chance in negotiations. In the meanwhile, the Letzians arrived to monitor and meet with the Shohuanese to guarantee their own zone of control was protected and to ensure that the Shohuanese were not there to disrupt the balance of power. The situation soon improved between the Shohuanese and the Letzians and the latter stayed to monitor the other's activities. The Shohuanese then met with the governor of the Mwamban province of Mezka who then asked for the Shohuanese to aid in their independence. The province had long wanted independence but feared a conflict where they had no means to fight back. The Shohuanese agreed to aid the Mezkans in return for rights to Mezka's ports and access to the country's trade which was soon accepted.


The agreement was announced and the emperor of Mwamba, Práztus II, was not pleased and demanded his navy blockade the Mezkan islands for retaliation. The Mwamban fleet soon met the Shohuanese fleet off the coast of Mezka's capital, Yudarid. The naval battle had lasted several hours with little damage done to the Shohuanese as the Mwambans focused entirely on the ironclad the Shohuanese brought with them, but no damage was sustained to the ironclad whereas 18 of the Mwamban ships were sunk with the rest varying in damage as they fled the area. The Shohuanese then took advantage of the situation and landed marines on Mwamba's sole port city. Práztus II soon sued for peace and Shohuan enforced the port as Mezkan and the Mwamban fleet to be turned over to the Mezkans.


The war was short lived and ended in a decisive victory and proved the perfect testing ground for Shohuan's newest naval strategy. It was not seen positively, however, by Terminia and her allies which soon would cause another crisis to occur soon in the Taanttu Sea. The war did end in an alliance and improved trade relations with Mezka and Shohuan, however, and the alliance is still maintained to this day.