Midian I

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Midian I
King of the Forian Kingdom
Reign2 August 1647 – 22 November 1673
Coronation14 September 1647
PredecessorNath IV
SuccessorMidian II
BornMidian Tivito
4 May 1609
Cirno, Forian Kingdom
Died22 November 1673
Burial1 January 1674
Archphitra of Midian, Eldin
FatherLair Heris
MotherSheni Mathim

Midian I (born Midian Tivito, 4 May 1609 – 22 November 1673) was the ()th King of the Forian Kingdom from 1647 to his death, succeeding Nath IV from the House of Ther. He is the first monarch from the House of Midian.

He is known for introducing radical changes to Forian administration such as mass funding and construction of infrastructure in Confederation cities for "mutual growth". In his reign, the Forian Golden Age is at its peak, reflected in its economic and scientific prosperity. He played an important role in numerous pioneering construction projects of sermets and education facilities. Examples include Soltenna's first research university, Eldin University, and one of world's largest sermets, Archphitra of Midian.

Early life

Midian was born in Cirno, located north of Eldin, later to move to the city with his family during his age of six. There, Midian is appointed the (some title) of a sermet while his father works as a city merchant. His father was executed for systematic fraud when Midian is 13 years old, beginning his period of economic hardship and consequentially could not attend education.


Midian married to (someone), a daughter of Neth III on his age of (something), placing him in the Forian royal family. The marriage was criticized by Neth III and her spouse, citing Midian's lack of royal ancestry which "places him as just a commoner". Neth III petitioned (someone) to instead marry a House of Ther member, but the daughter chose to stay with Midian.

Establishment of the House


Domestic policies

Foreign policies


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