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Miko (Lithian: [ˈmiko]) is a Lugid term for animation. It is often characterized by its vibrant, colorful setting, sometimes incorporating distinctive elements of miko individually called suki. Miko was more often used to refer to the art style of Hana Futikata's animations. As the art style arose into popularity in the 1960s, miko became synonymous with Lugid animation, although the term is still used in other contexts, particularly in arts. Miko in Lithian is distinct from Frites — whose meaning is also "animation" — from which disputably the term is derived.

Early miko drew influences from merlet style of art and foreign influences. A distinctive art style of miko began to form in the 1970s with titles such as (this) and (that), and in the 1980s, domestic and international popularity of miko arose. Along with its regional variants, miko constitute a substantial portion of the animation market of Sahar. Miko are aimed at a variety of broad and niche audiences, largely divided into male-oriented dafu and female-oriented dashu miko, with the former comprising the majority of internationally broadcasted miko.






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