Milevian Empire

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Milevian Empire
Capital Phamphar
(de facto)
Languages Imperial Milevian
Old High Czisilian
Government Elective monarchy
Grand Steward
 •  X Jaddemarrash (first)
Legislature Stewards' Council
Historical era Late Middle Ages
 •  Established 1200s
 •  Collapse 1600s
Today part of  Czisilia

The Milevian Empire was a somewhat loose confederation of Milevic chiefdoms in eastern Parshita. It existed from X until its collapse in the 17th Century.

The empire was founded upon and organised around a unique system of clans and sodalities wherein ruling clans of chiefdoms would band together regardless of kin to form a guild that performed a certain function (for example, a fishing sodality). This was a voluntary association as opposed to a system of vassalage, and as such the individual chiefdoms enjoyed a great degree of autonomy prior to the later years of the empire. Within the empire this system allowed regions to become specialised in the provision of a particular good or service.

Terminian influence and attempts to centralise the empire led to its downfall in the 17th Century. In the years following its collapse the former empire was conquered and incorporated into the Terminian Far East.




Arrival of Terminians




Administrative Divisions

The empire was divided into a multitude of individual chiefdoms, each headed by a different ruling clan.


Each chiefdom within the confederation was placed in a regional grouping overseen by a steward elected by the clans in a region, usually from their own ranks, who would oversee business and trade and resolve disputes between the clans under their jurisdiction. In the later stages of the empire these regions became de facto provinces, while the chiefdoms played a role more akin to districts within them.

In addition to regional stewards, every ruling clan would occasionally elect a grand steward, a de facto emperor.




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