Milevic clan system

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A Milevic clan is a kinship group among Milevic people. They are based on a belief in a common ancestor or founder, often rooted in historical or legendary figures who sailed from the east. Clans are usually associated with a particular area, where many local rulers would belong to the same clan and recognise the authority of the clan chief.

The clan system is derived from similar traditions which existed in Tlukeria, the Shaelic homeland, at the time of the Milevic conquests. Clans were ubiquitous amongst Milevics from the time of the conquests until the 1700s, when Terminia outlawed the clan system in a consolidation of their colonial rule. As such, in modern times the clan system is mostly confined to eastern Milevia, although some informal clan structures persist elsewhere and calls have been made for the system's resurgence.

Milevian Empire

The clan system was the basis of a system of sodality upon which the Milevian Empire was founded and organised.