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Miraria Locator.png
Area58,781,000 km2 (22,695,000 sq mi)
Countries53 (list of countries)
Time zonesSCT -2 to SCT +11

Miraria is the largest continent on Sahar, located in the Northern Hemisphere, stretching across both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. It is bordered to the west by the North and Dragon Seas, to the south by the Taanttu Gulf and Paršita Sea, and to the east by the Asura Ocean, specifically the area known as the East Sea which separates it from Atsiq.

Miraria covers an area of 58,781,000 km2 (22,695,000 sq mi), about 39.017% of Sahar's land area and about 11.524% of Sahar's total surface. It is the largest continent by area.