Movbat Jundisto

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Movbat Jundisto
Movbat Jundisto.jpg
Movbat Jundisto at a technology conference in Gvanieg
Born (1958-01-08) January 8, 1958 (age 61)
Gvanieg, Shohuan
OccupationPrince Elector
Years active1999 - Present

Movbat Jundisto is one of two prince electors of the Shohuanese Republic, of same rank as Vbulos Kavdeto. He is notably the head of the Epeyist Party and has been a key member since the Revolution of 76. He is noted for having libertarian policies which contradict the incumbent Republicans which hold the majority of senatorial positions.

Early Life

Movbat was born on January 9, of 1958, to Ejol and Iruv Jundisto. His parents were middle class workers involved in the public sector as administrators in Gvanieg. He went to public schooling institutions despite the availability of private options where he was exposed to the views of Anti-Sannist rhetoric. He graduated in 1976 before becoming a part of the growing electoral movement.

Early Political Career

His involvement and dedication to the movement resulted in his rise to influence, especially in Jgulkeyon. He soon found himself in a position of power as he became one of the founding members of the Epeyist Party, an illegal front pushing for liberal viewpoints that contradicted the Sannist regime. As soon as the revolution kicked off, he made a name for himself as a quick supporter for the revolutionary ideals in the midst of the week long upheaval. Leading a unit of Shohuanese Soldiers, they took the Presidential Palace without a shot fired as the guards had given up at that point as Bauv Kautos and most of his cabinet had already fled the country in defeat. With this PR victory, Movbat entered the game of post-revolution politics, taking a frontal role after winning the general mayoral elections Jgulkeyon, which was a landslide Epeyist victory. From there, he gained support as a progressive leader who wished to reconcile the Epeyists and Sannists, a stance that would hinder his career in Jgulkeyon. Nevertheless, he held the mayoral position until 1998, when he won the general election to become Prince Elector in 1999.

Prince Elector

Movbat led the forefront of sweeping policies of reform, such as legalizing regulated prostitution, removing barriers on the age of drinking, and gaining rights for most minorities (With exceptions to Cermanians). Other reforms included simplifying the electoral system while also instituting civil unions to allow homosexual couples to "marry". These actions led to a large amount of controversy from Sannist opponents but gave him a large Epeyist following in the urban regions. Economically, he has strived for minimalist regulation and allowing technology companies to receive special charters that allow them to avoid most bureaucracies in the regions around Gvanieg and Jgulkeyon, benefiting the development of the region as a whole. However, after the Jgulkeyon Technocracy Scandal in 2015, he lost support from several Epeyist senators leading to his policy making being moved more towards the Sannist and Republican parties respectively. His popularity has also hit lows of 24% leaving him at risk of losing his prince elector position to the Sannist parties as the Epeyists are considered to have no better alternatives.