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Commander Nakkaye 'ad Azorat (Adzamasi: Tolyār Naḳaye 'ad Ažorāt /tʌlˈjɑχ naˈkʼajɛ ɂad aʒʌˈʁɑt/) was the First Martial of the Tabiqan military forces during the Great Ekuosian War. 'ad Azorat is credited with orchestrating seven important strategic victories for the Unity side and Tabiqan forays into Dzimur. Le was awarded several medals during the war, all issued by King Vereq 'ad Henüüt, and some immediately after; however these were largely renounced by the new democratic Tabiqan government.

'ad Azorat was eventually found guilty of war crimes by an international tribunal, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Le died in prison in 1976, aged 84.