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The Principality of Nanghung
Nạ́nt Nghung Mwạ́r
CapitalAng Nghung, Noá
Largest Ang Nghung
Official languages None
Working languages Bahlian, Moyan, Navim
Demonym Nanghan
Government Principality, Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  Prince Lhianglhag VI
 -  Prime minister Giakmwạ́r Bhadnạ́nt
Legislature The Gú
 -  Dissolution of the Great Astalvi Empire 1744 
 -  Creation of the Gú 1852 

Nanghung (Bahlian: Nạ́nt Nghung Mwạ́r [nã́t ŋ̊əŋ mɯ̯ár]), officially the Principality of Nanghung, is an astalvi majority country located in northern Nagu.

Nanghung as an autonomous state can be traced back to the dissolution of the Great Astalvi Empire of the Amarantine in 1744, as it used to be one of its more powerful constituent principalities. It and Goal are the only remnants of the Empire left in the continent.


Nanghung is a contraction of the longer native name Nạ́nt Nghung Mwạ́r, literally "Big Astalvi Land."



Its history can be traced back to the astalvi populations who migrated north after human expansion into Nagu.