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Natwerw drawing.png
Artist's impression of Natwer, wearing a martial headdress
Native nameKenatwerw Enafar Koni E
Bornca. 663
Died715 (age 52)
Nodnah, Tiir province
Cause of deathBattle injuries
Resting placeUnknown
EthnicityBoorian or Fáknir
OccupationMilitary leader
Years active678 – 715
ReligionFáknir paganism
ChildrenUnknown, at least 300
Mother's name unknown

Natwerw (Fáknir: Kenatwerw Enafar Koni E / kɛnatˈʋɛrʋ ɛnaˈfar koˈni ɛ /) (ca. 663 – 715) was a legendary Fáknir military commander who is best known for being the right hand man of king Hirini, and his most trusted general. Natwerw is credited for being largely responsible in setting the first steps to embolden Fáknir colonization of what is now the Fals westland by overseeing Fáknir resettlement of Hirini's and his newly conquered regions.

The origins of Natwerw are largely unknown, but oral traditions suggest that he may have been Boorian by birth, and adopted and brought up in the Kidwi tribe at a young age. Natwerw first appears in Hirini's accounts, wherein they first become acquainted during Hirini's initial raids on the human Kiorian tribes north of Kidwi territory. Because of the close cooperation and friendship that develops between them, most accounts of Natwerw come directly from Hirini, or scribes in his service.

Upon encountering Natwerw, Hirini quickly takes notice of his competence as a divisional commander, his excellent leadership capabilities, and reliability in executing difficult missions. Natwerw and Hirini become friends early on, and Hirini mentions that they often refer to each other as brothers. Gradually they turned into something of a functional duo, seeking advice and bouncing ideas off each other. During his campaigns, Hirini often entrusted great responsibility with Natwerw, and later sometimes gives Natwerw command over the majority of his armies. Hirini described Natwerw as a very large person, much larger than any other Fals he had ever met, standing at "more than a head taller" than most of his men (estimated at 1,95m), and of exceeding strength and build.

Natwerw is described as a quiet and brooding personality, as if burdened by depression or mental trauma, with nevertheless a sturdy outward appearance. In stark contrast with Hirini, his extreme directness and lack of social refinement did not make him a successful diplomat. Because of this, Hirini's opponents knew that if Natwerw was involved in an operation, resolving a conflict through diplomacy was unlikely. Natwerw was exceptionally fearless, and had no qualms with committing immoral deeds to achieve objectives (See Controversy). He maintained order in battle frequently and effectively, and in high-stress situations by way of his ability to "remain completely calm" and level-headed under any situation, and could strategically navigate circumstances as they were unfolding, as well as devise tactics unconventional to the time. These qualities quickly saw him rising to being Hirini's top general. Natwerw was fiercely loyal to Hirini, but his other generals often doubted his ability to control Natwerw and feared that he may want to overthrow him, though this never happened, likely because Hirini knew Natwerw had no political ambition or abilities to begin with. Unlike Hirini who took on a partially political role after his initial military successes, Natwerw stayed a military leader even after several offers from Hirini to become governor of his newly conquered western regions, however, he did oversee the pacification and colonisation of these regions.

Natwerw died in the Battle of Nodnah against the Aktari city of Rawil at the age of 52.


Natwerw is seen as a controversial figure by many due to his many immoral deeds, that even conflicted with Fáknir religious attitudes. The moment Natwerw becomes notorious is when Hirini gives him command of about a fifth of his military during the conquest of the Termians, in which Natwerw circumnavigated their territory through Kiorian lands, wiping out a fair number of human tribes completely. He later conducted frequent raids against Kiorian tribes in the westland during times of stability, leading to a significant depopulation of the region. Even Hirini's other generals often either avoided working with Natwerw or feared him, which gained him the reputation of Hirini's personal retainer.

Natwerw had no issues with committing atrocities to demoralise enemies, ranging from mass murder of innocents or surrendering forces, to burning entire human tribes if they were conquered. He set fire to a Termian stronghold and blocked the entrances, preventing escape. Public dismemberment, castration, or simple execution of his enemies' leaders were also not unheard of. He took pleasure in raping women of defeated Fals tribes, which he may have done hundreds of times, leaving behind and unknown number of children. He was notorious and widely known for executing people personally by crushing their chest in with a swing of his tail, leaving him the nickname of enáapon "heart-hammer".

Hirini often had personal disagreements with Natwerw's behaviour and seeming lack of morals. However, due to his effectiveness and their long-lasting friendship, he was never reprimanded.