Newlywed's curse

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Newlywed's curse
Other namesmbo³ qua ñą́hą́¹rri
Differential diagnosisDeterioration syndrome
TreatmentHot tea, bland food, wait and observe

Newlywed's curse (Ndxiixun: mbo³ qua² ñą́hą́¹rri² [ᵐbò kʷā ɲʌ̃ˀhʌ̃́ˀrī]) is a mental illness in traditional Mañic culture, especially among Ndxiixun and Nichoh people.

Traditional viewpoint

A person of marriagable age, or who has just married, experiences bouts of social withdrawal and disorganized behavior. Traditionally this is treated with bland food and lots of hot tea.

Scientific viewpoint

In modern science-based medicine, these symptoms are usually considered to be part of deterioration syndrome, which is treated with antipsychotic medication, which requires lifelong adherence.

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