Nganagam Kip

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Nganagam Kip
Q'eb Mvadek
Location of Nganagam Kip
Location of Nganagam Kip
 • Total32,059

Nganagam Kip, known as Q'eb Mvadek in the Q'eb language, is a city located in the State of Si Gapa of the Confederation of Ebo Nganagam.



Nganagam Kip was the capital city of the Q'eb empire for more than 2,000 years before the Q'eb empire disestablished in 1832.

After the Q'eb empire had been annexed by the Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham, the government of the Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham built a new city in the east of Nganagam Kip, which is called Nganagam Si Gapa, in order to replace Nganagam Kip and to avoid the influence of the aristocrats of the Q'eb empire.

After Nganagam Si Gapa had been built, Nganagam Kip met its decline as most people and business started to move to Nganagam Si Gapa.




Most parts of the city lie in the Walls of Nganagam Kip, and most of the buildings are old buildings built before the 19th century, however, except for those which are still used, most buildings in the city lack proper maintenance and can collapse at any time.

The Old Palace of the Q'eb Empire is still used, it is used as the city hall.





Currently, there are about 32,059 people living in Nganagam Kip, however, it is estimated that there were more than 150,000 people when the city was at its peak in around 1600.

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