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RegionWest Miraria
Native speakers55,000  (2018 estimate)
Language family
  • Niryokulta
Early forms:
DialectsNgumyokulta, Ngeyv dialect, Duryk dialect, Central dialect, Western dialect, Eastern dialect, Upper eastern dialect
Writing systemDuryk script
Official status
Official language in Akamyokulta
Recognised minority language in Durykia

Niryokulta is an agglutinative language spoken in Akamyokulta where it is an official language. A more significant minority speak it in Durykia and some Yokultans also live in Ngeyvger and other surrounding countries.


Niryokulta is an agglutinative language belonging to Yokulta language family what is however rejected by some linguists that suggest Niryokulta is rather an isolate due to a fact that the only related language Vushyokulta went extinct decades ago.


Approximate place where Niryokulta speakers come from is West Miraria, possibly area of today's Ngeyvger. However, these are just speculations as the language's history is not recorded at all or on a really low level. The only language related to Niryokulta is now extinct Vushyokulta, the sister language that was spoken by minority in the western part of Durykia until 1923 when it went extinct after death of Vuoža Jiris.

Yokultans made contact with Ngeyvic and later Durykian people which resulted in loaning words from both languages that are still present in today's Niryokulta language and frequently used by its speakers.



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Alveolo-palatal Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal Other
Nasal m n [ȵ] ŋ
Plosive p pʰ [ʰp] [b] t tʰ [ʰt] [ȶ] [ȶʰ] [ʰȶ] k kʰ [ʰk] q [ʔ]
Fricative v [θ] ð s [ʰs] ɕ [ʰɕ] [ʰç] [ʝ] [x] [χ] h
Affricate t͡s [ʰt͡s] t͡ɕ [ʰt͡ɕ]
Lateral fricative ɬ
Lateral approximant l [ɫ]
Approximant ɹ j
Front Central Back
Close i i: ʉ ʉ: u:
Near-close ɪ ʊ
Close-mid e e: o o:
Near-open æ:
Open a [ɑ]


Morphology and syntax


Writing and literature