Noble War

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the Noble War
Location Sonka
Result X defeat, Zonkamâ dynasty secured as Sonka's reigning dynasty.
Zonkamâ Loyalists Kok'oo Loyalists

The Noble War was a civil conflict in Sonka that took place from 18XX to 18XX, between the Zonkamâ Loyalists and the X Loyalists.


After the election of Jimâşim Zonkamâ as King of Sonka in absentia, something which had never been done before, many nobles began to question whether or not the election was actually legitimate. The influential Sonkhai noble Kok'oo Byabóó started a political faction to get the election nullified and elect a new king from the Noble Assembly. Eventually, the Head Man of the Noble Assembly decided to call another vote.

This action enraged Zonkamâ supporters, and on the day of the vote, X marched into the assembly with an army to arrest the Anti-Zonkamâ Faction. However, he found the building devoid of them, as somebody had tipped them off to escape. The Anti-Zonkamâ Faction fled to Ngowa and set up a new Noble Assembly and government, electing their leader to be the new King, starting the Noble War.

Course of the War