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Etymology: nuar-tow 'kav coast'
 • Total22,800,000

Nuartow (Fáknir: /nwarˈtoʋ/ ) is a region of Lhavres, forming roughly a triangle between the cities of Čegczaa, Sutsagnaa and Riisag, that is populated primarily by Fáknir Fals. Almost 23 million fals inhabit the region, which comprises almost all the fals population in Lhavres and a considerable percentage of the fals population outside of the Fals Empire and Faknir Republic. A few thousand fals inhabit the region immediately across the border into Urabor and those areas are sometimes also included under the "Nuartow" label.



It is estimated between one and two million fals landed in the region in the two decade period between 1850 and 1870, landing first in the various port cities south of Sutsagnaa. These fals were refugees, escaping the attrocities committed by the Ikolinian Kingdom on ethnic Fáknir in western Falsland after the capitulation of the Fáknir Empire in the early 1850s. While some of them may have found shelter to the south in Yakormonyo or along the way in the Norgasek Republic or Urabor, Lhavres was by far the most accepting polity which received the bulk of the refugee population.

In the 1850's and 60's the incipient Lhavres government was having trouble controlling all the territory they had gained with the Treaty of Kerezh, wherein the Setyal Empire surrendered all their claims to be partitioned by Kavrinia and Dhwer, and, as one measure, employed a state policy of interspecies cooperation. These factors coalesced into a high institutional acceptance for the fals refugees, which were slowly redistributed over the region that now comprises Nuartow while receiving incentives to settle, work and protect the southwestern border of Lhavres while enjoying a high degree of autonomy, as most of the Lhavresian army and government apparatus was concentrated in the pacification of the setyal heartland and in border conflicts with Dhwer and the Mwamban Empire to the east.







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