Obe Anstemen

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Obe Anstemen

obe anstemẹn
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View West from Tysụnta Square
Flag of Obe Anstemen
CountyObe Anstemen
Settled~1000 A.D.
 • Total2,941,492
Time zoneUTC+0

Obe Anstemen (Soptenese: obe ænstemɛn) is a City located in Soptemia. It is located in the province of Obe Anstemen and is the most populous city in Soptemia, with a population of 2,941,492. Cherrin is located about 40km east of Obe Anstemen.



Obe Anstemen has been inhabited for over a millennium, and has been the seat of Soptenese government and culture for almost all of that time. Its power stems from its highly adventageous position surrounded on all sides by lakes and steep hills, and located just outside of the Eba River Delta's fall line. The city began to decline during the beginning of the industrial revolution, and, in 1859, burned down. It was rebuilt during the early period of the Kingdom of Soptemia (1874-1911). After The Reform, Soptemia began a period of rapid growth spurred by international investment centered in Obe Anstemen, which quickly surpassed Cherrin in population. In 1960, the first part of Obe Anstemen’s privately-funded metro system opened.




Obe Anstemen features a concentration of Skyscrapers surrounding Tysụnta Square, a large block with an urban park in the center, which lies at the center of Obe Anstemen, and the financial industry. It is also the location of the Gharam of Obe Anstemen. Density decreases rapidly outside of the center. Just to the north of Tysụnta Square is Obe Anstemen International Airport. It was established in 1924 on formerly-industrial land. Today, it is capacity-constrained, as it only has one runway. Much of the north and east of Obe Anstemen is covered by non-distinct neighborhoods. To the southeast lies a massive urban park.

Obe Anstemen's surrounded geography has limited transportation outside of it. To this day, there are only a handful of transportation corridors into and out of the city.



The Obe Anstemen World Trade Centre is located in Obe Anstemen. It was built in the 1840s and is one of the few buildings at Tysụnta Square that did not burn down in 1859. It was mostly rebuilt in 1917.



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