Okmot Utib

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This is an East Mirarian name. The native form of this personal name is Ūtib Ōkmot Azmol. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals.
Ōkmot Ūtib
Born(1790-03-26)26 March 1790
X, Kingdom of Athsud
Died5 April 1860(1860-04-05) (aged 69)
X, Terminia
EducationPovrath University

Okmot Utib (Athsudan: Útib Ókmot Azmol Ūtib Ōkmot Azmol), was an Athsudan political writer and proponent of Balkism.

Early life

Okmot was born on 26 March 1790 to a wealthy middle-class family in Athsud, his mother was ethnically Juhash and his father Athsudan. He had very little difficulty in his childhood, his schools often remarked of his brilliant performance, and he excelled at every subject. Something something X

Life in Povrath

In 18XX he left his home of X to study in Povrath. X

Early works

Monarchs and their Societies

Monarchs and their Societies is Okmot's most well known Balkist work, and helped form the basis of Balkist Athsudan thought, sometimes even classified as Utibism. Written in 18XX during the Juhash-Athsudan War, he X.

Imprisonment and exile


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