Order of Arashins

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Formation1669 CE
Dissolved1801 CE
Official language
Parent organization
AffiliationsShawadii Holy State

The Order of Arashins also known as the Kharashin Order (Koman: Khara Khâshən), were a Shawadii order and sect of Sahdi Zarasaism that existed between 1669 and 1801 CE. During that time, they mainly resided in the southern regions of the former Misharam Khanate and in the northern areas of ? bordering the ? desert. Kharashins lived at the time under strict Shawadii law, including a subterfuge policy over much of Eastern Vaniua through the covert murder of Zarasaist and Pashaist leaders who were considered enemies of the Sahdi movement and the Shawadii Holy State. Kharashins were known for their innovative tactics in deceiving and covert assassination, gaining infamy among Koman courts for their seemingly elusive attacks.



Bashbar-e Sayan

19th century

Disestablishment and aftermath


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