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Otovo City
Flag of Otovo City
Nickname(s): The Heart of the South Kav
Motto: Si Fara utsi Kiosi axi Iakanfuari! The Heart of the Kav is Strong!
Urban Region2005
Founded byUnknown
Population (2020)
 • Total203,946
Time zone-3:30

Otovo (Monyo: Otofu /ʌtʌsə/) is the largest populated region of the Otovo Oblast of in northern Yakormonyo. This city served as the capital of the nation until 2005, replaced by the growing city of Onioto.


The name 'Otovo' came from the Kamikio-Monic words ottao (water) and sou (cedar), which describe the trees that used to populate the area and the several rivers that flow through it. The original name of the region when it was discovered by the Kamikians was Otohofi (lit. groups of water); Otofu was the capital of the area. It was in the early 11th century when the inhabitants began to use the term for the whole region.


16th Century

Before 1515, Öto Upu (what it was called then) was one of the northernmost towns in the Yaharan Empire, in the Duchy of Ësnvøërvërg. When the Empire broke up, Öto Upu and its surrounding towns of Repöča (Repoşota), Sämežxemí (Samejkhemy), Ítona (Ytona) and Vommä (Voma) declared their independence as the Duchy of Ësnvøërvërg, eventually followed by other towns in the Toşe region. Eventually Ësnvøërvërg was renamed to the Duchy of Otofu. It became the capital of Otofu until the nation united with the neighboring Duchy of Peccy (Pekha), wherein the capital was moved to Ony. On 1565, by order of Duke Otohua Samejkhemy, Oto Upu (renamed to Otofu) became the capital of the United Duchies of Peccy-Otofu. non-canon, WIP


Administrative Divisions

The urban region of Otovo was originally bound by the Korua River to the north, Masarofi River to the east, Pikuofu River to the west and the town of Akanfuarion in the south, however in the 2005 Geography Reform the towns of Sanfoi, Korua, Xorfo-Tufiankaras and Otoiripion were added to the region. It is divided into 7 municipalities.

Otofu Province. Otovo City shown in red. Lighter red areas are sometimes included in Otovo City, and the pink area represents the Greater Otovo Region.
Name Official Name Population (2020) District Founded Current Leader
Akanfuarion Municipality of Akanfuarion 11,334
Korua Municipality of Korua 27,061
Otofu Municipality of Otofu 56,214
Otoiripion Municipality of Otoiripion 40,102
Sanfoi Municipality of Sanfoi-Otofu 9,981
Xorfo-Otofu Municipality of Xorfo-Upiotohofi 38,119
Xorfo-Tufiankaras Municipality of Xorfo-Upitufiankarafi 21,135

Two other towns are also considered to be in Otovo by other maps:

Name Official Name Population (2020) District Founded Current Leader
Masarofi Municipality of Masarofi 26,843
Pikuofu Municipality of Pikuofu 5,765







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