Otsuk War

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Otsuk War
Result Athsudan victory, Otsuk put under a personal union with Athsud
 Athsud Kingdom of Otsuk
Casualties and losses

The Otsuk War (Athsudan: šajdaknázínuŋ ózukmízí Šajdaknāzīnuň Ōzukmīzī [ɕɐjdɐ̌ɕna:t͡si:nʊŋ ô:t͡sʊɕmi:t͡si:]) was a conflict fought between the Kingdom of Otsuk and Athsud. The conflict was started after the reigning King of Otsuk died, and the King of Athsud forged evidence to support himself as the successor to the throne. The subsequent denial of the throne to the King of Athsud, and the placing of a legitimate claimant on the throne prompted the King of Athsud to declare war. This war is the main cause to why Otsuk is still part of Athsud in the modern day.


Post-Milevian Otsuk

Since the fall of the Milevian Empire in the 17th century, Otsuk was a loose confederation of duchies and chiefdoms bound together by a king, who acted as a figuredhead with some loose political power. Though a majority of power laid in the hands of the dukes and chiefs, who gathered together in the Clan Council. In the late 18th century, this structure began to break down in Otsuk, as an influential clan managed to forge and bribe their way into getting their preferred successor onto the throne, tightening their grip around the duchies and chiefdoms that weren't under their management. This eventually lead to a devastating civil war that saw the overthrow of the (I don't actually have a name for the clan oops), and the death of entire family lines. The now shaken Monarchy was given to the leader of the most influential clan that fought against the (clan name here). The civil war lead to paranoia of outside clan influence, and the old Clan Council was entirely abolished, transforming Otsuk into an absolute monarchy. (Terminia comes in later and does some stuff)

Athsudan interest

After Otsuk's independence from the Terminian Empire, Athsud took a keen interest in Otsuk. X

Death of the king and the fallout

Course of the war

Initial invasion

The invasion of Otsuk was planned to take place in 3 phases, the sweep phase, the main phase, and the security phase. The objective of each being to capture the seat of power in a quick and devastating motion, to defeat the Otsuki resistance, and to secure Otsuk for Athsud respectively. The initial invasion began on X, with problems abound from the start. The army was under the command of X1, and although a veteran of the Juhash-Athsudan War, he was not very experienced with anything outside of conventional land battles. He choose to land at a beach, just a few miles south of X, the Otsuki capital. The landing took an extremely slow 4 days to complete, however they were left unmolested, as the Otsuki commander X2 had spent his time instead on drilling the troops for upcoming glory. This lack of ability to respond to the initial Athsudan invasion may have cost Otsuk the entire war in the long run.

Sweep phase

After the landing was completed, the Athsudan forces descended and laid siege upon X. X2 immediately came to realize that he had wasted time, and hastily gathered his forces to stop the oncoming Athsudans. They met at the small village of X, and on the Xth of X in 1877, the battle of X was fought, the first of many in the war. X2 managed to successfully hold off the Athsudan advance to X, but it cost him much of his troops, and was forced to pull back further due to lack of defensive positions. Due to landing on a beach, there was no effective way to get supplies to the Athsudan army, so they were forced to reposition North of X, in order to capture a nearby port town from which they could receive supplies. This move surprised X2, who quickly repositioned his army to take up an offensive on the Athsudan forces while they were setting up their supply lines. Though caught off guard, the Athsudans managed to repulse this attack, and inflict significant casualties on the Otsuki forces. X2 was forced to retreat, and hole up in the capital. The brutal siege began in X of 1878, as the Athsudans dug in to prepare bombarding the city. Initial bombardments were highly successful in destroying Otsuki defenses, however, X1 refused to assault the city, fearing it would be too costly, and that they wouldn't have enough to continue the rest of the campaign, so the Otsuki army was able to patch the holes in the lines with some rudimentary, but solid defenses. By this point, some clans had begun to assemble untrained militias to contribute to the defense of X, and to harass the Athsudan supply lines, making the prolonged siege extremely difficult to continue.

Main phase

Security phase


The war was heavily scrutinized by the public, and lowered much of the public’s enthusiasm for conquest. Due to extensive frontline coverage of the war, and the close proximity to mainland Athsud, the public quickly began to turn against the government’s obsession with expansion. Another point that lead to the demoralization of the country was the massive financial sink the war ended up being. Much government spending had gone to the military in recent years, and despite the government claims that Athsud’s armed forces were unstoppable, the army had to spend 3 years fighting through a grueling slog. After the war, arms spending was drastically cut, but the financial hit cause by the war, and by the cost of maintaining Athsudan colonies was too high, leaving the country in financial ruin. Due to the financial hardship, many of the overseas colonies were sold by the Athsudan government to other nations, such as the Balak Empire or the Terminian Empire(?)


The war is often cited as the beginning of the eventual Balkist revolution in Athsud. As public opinion turned against the government, many found merit within the writings of Yurik Balkas and Okmot Utib. The anti-monarchist writings of the Balkists gave an ample scapegoat to remove from power, and in the eventual revolution, the monarchy would be entirely deposed.