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Ozomish people are an ethnic group of humans in South Baredina, mostly in the nation of Doloz and surrounding countries. They are strongly associated with the Quurosism religion and use the Adzamasiin gender system; however, there are religious minorities among Ozomish people.


The name Ozomish is thought to be from Adzo-Neviric languages and is a cognate of Adzamasiin in the Adzamasi language.


Legend has it that Ozomish people moved southward from the Central Ekuosian desert after the disintegration of the Adzamic Empire, invading the land of modern-day Doloz, creating a kingdom there.


Traditionally, Ozomish people are seen as mixtures between South Baredia peoples and Ekuosian peoples. The look of the majority of Ozomish people resemble other peoples of South Baredina, but some of them look more like peoples in Ekuosia.


Gender System

Traditionally, Ozomish people follow the Lower Ekuosian gender system, in the Dolozian version of the Lower Ekuosian gender system, there are five genders, as the Quuroshoom gender is recognized by Ozomish people.



Traditional Medicine

Family Structure

Naming Tradition



Marriage out of love has become increasingly common in recent years among Doloz people, but members of the traditional upper classes are still subject of arranged marriage.


Inheritance rule

In the Ozomish society, when a couple dies, the norm for inheritance is that their estate are divided equally between their children; however, undivided things like nobility titles are usually passed to the oldest child. While the oldest child has the right to inherit the titles, he or she also has the duty to help all other siblings with their lives whenever possible.


Most Ozomish people adhere to Quurosism, but there are religious minorities


The Ozomish language is the traditional language of the Ozomish people, it is also the sole official and national language of Doloz.