Páraca A'Saméfs

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Páraca A'Saméfs
páraca a'saméfs
Background information
Also known asPaSce, PaS
BornJuly 1968 (age 51)
OriginSaméfs, Yerlan
InstrumentsLead vocals and various instruments
Years active1987–present
Associated actslauálau, TaẑDoTaẑ

Páraca A'Saméfs is a critically acclaimed Yerlanis musician from Saméfs, Yerlan. Born on July 12th, 1968 A'Saméfs first started performing under the pseudonym of PaSce in 1987 when he was 19 years old. In 1991, A'Saméfs formed his first non-solo band, TaẑDoTaẑ which later became the world renowned lauálau in 1998. A'Saméfs and his band lauálau is known for it's eccentricity and deep philosophical overtones.

Personal life

In 1968, Páraca A'Saméfs' was born into, arguably, the most culturally divided area in Yerlan. Growing up in the bustling split city of Saméfs, which is situated directly on the border between the two states of Slaŝa and Ráseum, A'Saméfs found himself in a constant limbo between the two opposing state's views and cultures. Never was one battle distinctively won for either side, A'Saméfs came to realize. Instead he later developed the philosophy that it is only just that both sides were right as much as they were wrong, but neither were ever wrong. This social conundrum puzzled the young and unstable budding poet and novice singer at the time and still, in many ways, continues to do so even today. A'Saméfs, having been orphaned at the age of 13 was raised by his uncle and older brother. A'Saméfs rough child and early adulthood has afflicted with various mental illnesses, which were greatly exacerbated by his brother's unexpected death in 2005. A'Saméfs has focused many of his own personal issues and his own eccentric philosophy into his musical work, which has gained him super star status within Yerlan for having an eccentric yet impacting sound.


Studio Albums
Verẑau A'Slacon — "People of Raccoons"
Floddodásér ak A’abér — "Fishtank of Fingers"
4Ɛ2 — "710"
Slacon fárselegétẑe — "Raccoons with shovels"