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Pafika language map.png
Location of the Pafika language within Cananganam
Native speakersLess than 1,000
Language family
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The Pafika language is a likely extinct isolate language, historically spoken in Cananganam. It was recorded sometime in 1992, however, due to conflict in the region, the populace was scattered resulting in many avoiding their home villages in the region. Little is known of the language except that which was able to be recorded which leans towards the language having no relationship whatsoever to its neighbors.


m n p t t͡s k f v s z h r

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In 1992, a local linguist by the name of Likai Nabomi recorded the Pafika language with several assistants, but due to worsening weather had to cut their research short. When they returned in 1994 after conflict in the region had died down, they could not seem to find any of the tribes that inhabited the region. The language is considered moribund as a result as likely someone still speaks the language but due to stigmatization, is unwilling to reveal their linguistic tribal status for fear of retributions.

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