Palace of War

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Palace of War
Palace of War (KNF headquarters).png
War Palace in 2010
Alternative namesWar Palace
General information
Current tenantsMinistry of War
Construction started1959; 65 years ago (1959)
Completed2 July 1964; 59 years ago (1964-07-02)
Cost₴2.5 billion
OwnerImperial State
ArchitecturalNeo-Classical Mamikian
Other dimensions220 000 m²
Technical details
Floor area10.5 ha

The Palace of War is the headquarters of the Ministry of War and the Koman National Forces. Inaugurated in 1964, more than 4,500 personnel from the Koman Imperial Army, Imperial Force, Imperial Navy and member staff from SHASHMA operate from this 105,000 m2 neo-classical ministerial palace on 54.41 acres, with a cost of around ₴2.5 billion sekham.


In the aftermath of the Koman Civil War's conclusion in 1954, significant transformations were initiated under the stewardship of the newly formed government. One of the crucial undertakings was the relocation of the former military headquarters and ministry of war, which had suffered extensive damage during an attempted Kuulist takeover. Prime Minister Sahbâr Aharli, aware of the extreme importance of fortification, expressed his profound concerns about its lack of defensibility. Large schemes were drafted to relocate the former headquarters within the new Shajandar district, forming an integral part of the government's visionary endeavours to establish a distinct and distinguished district dedicated to housing ministerial palaces and government services.

The design of the palace was concluded through a 6-month competition by undergraduate architects of the Shanwan University, culminating in its current design, a Neo-Classical Mamikian palace reflecting the government’s ideals of grandeur purposefully representing the glorious war scenes of battles from the Great Horde, in turn, giving its name to the palace.

The architectural composition of the building predominantly adheres to the Neo-Classical style, reflecting a grand and imposing exterior facade. However, its interior has undergone distinct designs to cater specifically to the operational demands of the Ministry of War. Notably, the interior boasts an opulent display of marble finishes, while embracing a more contemporary aesthetic suited to accommodate a vast number of office spaces.

Over the course of its usage, the palace has undergone several modifications to ensure updated security measures. These proactive adaptations have increased after the new accommodation of the SHASHMA state agency.


For national security measures, any appearance of the palace and its quarters have been replaced by mundane residential areas in digital maps as well as satellite imagery. Making it part of a collection of governmental edifices purposefully censored by the Imperial State.


The complex serves as the primary headquarters of the Koman National Forces. As such, the entirety of the command structure of the military is housed here: