Palace of the Federation

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Palace of Mirrors
Khashavan - Grand Assembly.jpeg
Facade of the Palace of Mirrors at night
General information
Architectural styleAsharid, Classical Ohanian
LocationSamadar, Saraj, Komania
Current tenantsSupreme Chamber
Construction started1452 CE
Completed1482 CE
OwnerSupreme Chamber
Technical details
Floor area8.3 ha

The Palace of the Federation (Koman: Şaheh Hayânhoş; Aramani: ?) or simply known as the Palace of Mirrors (Koman: Şaheh Hurrakənə; Aramani: ?) is a ceremonial palace serving as headquarters for the Supreme Chamber of the Asan Grand Assembly, it is located in Samadar, Komania and was previously used as a reception palace to receive ambassadors and dignitaries by Great Horde emperors. The palace remained in use for the same purpose during the Ashar Mizarate and later the Imperial State until the establishment of the Central Federation in 1987 when the Samadar Federal Quarters was created. Today, the palace houses ceremonies and specific events exclusive to integrants of the Supreme Chamber, this includes the President of the Federation and Electoral Princes.

During the refitting of the palace in the 90s, most of the original structure and artworks were preserved, with the Koman emperor explicitly expressing his desire for the palace to remain as a "state museum". The refitting only included renovations, reconstruction of the eastern hall, and the repainting of frescoes. Most of the palace remains open to the public during weekdays, except for ceremonial days.

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