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Pashaism is a dualistic Iovic religion based on the teachings of Iovi and Pasha which professes that there are two Gods (Hosha and Muhe) in constant opposition. It is the second? most practiced religion on Sahar with just under half a billion followers known as Pashaists. Pashaism teaches that the human realm is ruled by the malevolent God Muhe, and that humans must serve the benevolent God Hosha in all their actions in order to pass into the realm of bliss.

The Pashaist way of life is based upon the Scriptures, which Pashaists believe to be the verbatim word of the Prophet Pasha. The Scriptures contain advice on everything from clothing to legal systems and punishments, and following the word of the Scriptures is believed to be a defiance against the chaos intended by Muhe. Followers believe that Pashaism is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith, revealed sequentially by Hosha and Muhe through a line of prophets: the first being Iovi and the last and most revered being Pasha. According to some denominations of Pashaism, Pasha is not only a prophet but a divine being, an immortal embodiment of Hosha who has existed since creation.

Pashaism is believed to have begun as an Iovist-influenced organisation of pre-Iovist Termic beliefs around 300BC. Pashaism continued to prosper and by the time of the Letsatian Empire Pashaism was the majority religion of most Terms. Due to major Iovist and Letsatian influences, Pashaists began to conflate the teachings of the prophet Iovi with those of the prophet Pasha, and traditional Termic beliefs became heavily interwoven with the Iovist faith. After the fall of Letsatia, Iovic Pashaism was enshrined and spread afar by the Terminian Empire, which at its height stretched from eastern Boroso to southeastern Miraria.

Most Pashaists are of two denominations: Mortal Pashaists (60–65%) and Divine Pashaists (30–35%). Pashaism is the dominant religion in much of western Ekuosia, parts of the Draconic Islands and Parshita, with significant communities found in eastern Ekuosia, Akulanen, Vaniu and Boroso. Converts and immigrant communities are found worldwide.


Pashaist beliefs are based upon the teachings of Pasha, which in turn take basis from

Historical narrative


Realm of Chaos


Realm of Bliss


Acts of Worship


Scriptural law





Pre-Iovist Terminia


First Coming

Second Coming

Terminian Empire

Modern day


The split between Divine Pashaists and Mortal or Prophet Pashaists is based upon whether Pasha was a divine and immortal being, a human embodiment of Hosha himself, or simply a mortal and enlightened prophet.

Divine Pasha

The larger of the two denominations, Divine Pashaism comprises around 65% of the world-wide Pashaist population, with around 180,000,000 adherants. It was the form of Pashaism practiced by the majority of Terminian imperial nobility up until the 1800s.

Mortal Pasha

Mortal Pashaism comprises around 35% of the world-wide Pashaist population, with around 100,000,000 adherants. It is the dominant branch in Terminia and Amerhan, where it was tolerated during the Kuulist period over the aristocratic Divine Pashaism.







Social welfare


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