Pashaist Revolts in Milevia

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Hosha's Insurrection
Czisil leader.jpg
Czisilian revolutionary leader Aoler Ipzí in 1947
Date8 March 1940 – 20 January 1952
(11 years, 10 months, 13 days)
LocationWestern Milevia
Result Revolts crushed in Farmosh and Kaisen
Establishment of a Pashaist state in Czisilia
 Czisilia (1942 onwards)

Helsonian Union Helsonian Union

Supported by
Casualties and losses
10,000+ combat-related Milevian and Helsonian deaths

The Pashaist Revolts in Milevia were a series of violent revolts which started in March 1940 and continued until January 1952. The revolts targeted the Balkist and Kúúlist regimes in Farmosh and Kaisen-Czisilia, with the aim of establishing a Pashaist, theocratic state in the former Terminian Far East. They were sparked by a crackdown on religious freedom in the Helsonian satellite state of Kaisen and Czisilia, as well as the widespread persecution of Pashaists in Farmosh under the rule of hardline Balkist Yekhar Ṅacraś.

The revolts culminated in an armistice signed on the 20th January 1952, which left the insurgents in control over what would become the Pashaist Republic of Czisilia. Kaisen, which claimed sovereignty over Czisilia, eventually recognised Czisilian independence in 1971.