Political factions in Gfiewistan

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Political factions in Gfiewistan refer to the informal groupings of similar political ideologies and movements in Gfiewistan. As larger-level political organizations such as political parties in Gfiewistan are banned to keep federal politics non-partisan and rooted in local politics, they consist of small local clubs or other types of societies which have no official affiliation and besides shared or similar political views are only connected via a unique color and a symbol, although some level of cooperation can happen ahead of elections. Due to their independence, clubs with the same ideology might however also view each other as rivals and even temporarily work with clubs of other movements.

List of factions

While many factions exist, most are small to not be of national significance. The largest ones are the conservatives, social liberals, market libertarians, and traditionalist conservationists.

⧈ Conservatives

The Conservatives are usually recognized by the color blue and a square within a square (⧈), representing the protection of smaller entities, like families or communities by a bigger one (the constitutional republic).

They tend to have a moderately nationalist political views and are often religious, and as such highly in favor of legislation protecting the status of Iovism, Iovist temples and their priests. They generally favor capitalism and international trade, but support some business regulation they view as necessary to protect morality and culture.

In regards to foreign policy, they tend towards isolationism. While the Ystelian Community is widely supported, opinions on the AEIOU are more mixed. In regards to military operations, non-interventionism is favored, advocating for a more defensive approach, with missions abroad only approved if they are seen to be beneficial for the country and in line with the moral values of Iovism.

⧆ Liberals

The Liberals usually identify themselves with a yellow color and a star inside a square (⧆), which is supposed to emphasize the importance of the individual in the state.

They are more socially progressive, supporting among other things somewhat increased LGBT-rights (e.g. easier legal name change for transgender people, but no same-sex marriage) and are often at least moderately critical of Iovist institutions. They also advocate for a more egalitarian economy, with e.g. promotion of employee ownership of companies, or certain taxes like a land value tax.

Their foreign policy is the most active and multilateralist. They highly support membership in the Ystelian Community and the AEIOU and many clubs also support International Community membership. Militarily they universally support humanitarian aid and often even interventions around the world.

⧉ Libertarians

The Libertarians are associated with the color orange, and two squares intersecting (⧉) to symbolize the interaction of free individuals and their organizations, e.g. businesses.

Their most striking policy is their radical secularism, wanting to take religion out of the public sphere entirely, end the tight connections between Iovist institutions and the state apparatus that have characterized Gfiewistan since its beginning and limit the practice of religion to buildings designated as religious as well as private homes or clubs. Cultural norms, aside from those necessary to run a country and a capitalist economy such as private property, are generally seen as not the responsibility of the government to regulate.

Likewise, they favor a nearly unregulated economy, save for the ones absolutely required ground-laying regulations that provide the general legal framework for markets and businesses as well as some basic health and safety ones, such as outlawing child labor in mines and factories, to ensure a smoother running of economic activity. In line with this and their cultural views, they also advocate for a much less strict immigration policy, allowing people from around the world to enter freely, but not claim any benefits as long as they don't pay taxes.

In regards to foreign policy, they are staunch isolationists in military conflicts unless absolutely necessary from a national security or economic viewpoint, but favor free trade organizations such as the AEIOU, while being in some regards mildly skeptical of the Ystelian Community.

🌲 Conservationists

The Conservatives have a conifer (🌲) as their symbol, and their color is a dark green.

They are socially conservative environmentalists, believing modern industries are eroding too much of traditional values and ways of life and hence are calling for more industrial regulation while supporting increasing federalism and decentralization, making them the most opposed to the central government growing in power and scope.

They are also the most critical of the AEIOU, while having mixed views on the YC. Militarily, they want to reduce the power of the armed forces, the police and all intelligence agencies with the ultimate goal of a foreign policy that gets as close to (isolationist) pacifism as possible.