Protectorate of Huy En

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Protectorate of Huy En

Capital Ridmark
Languages Alotol, Hetan
Government Republic
 •  1942-1946 Rid Vema
 •  1946-1952 Made Gasan
Legislature Council of Ridmark
 •  Alotol intervention 1942
 •  Republic formed 1952
Currency Soltenna Blossom
Today part of  Huy En

The Protectorate of Huy En was a subject of Liosol from 1942 until its independence in 1952. The country was brought under the protection of Liosol after an invasion by Imperial Qonklaks that violated its neutrality in the conflict.



Premier Made Gasan asked Liosol to return sovereignty to the nation in 1950, following the Great Ekuosian War. Alotol Prime Minister Seon Daol set a deadline for Liosol's departure, promising to withdraw from the country by the end of 1955. This likely came as a response to the new Liosol First Party that appeared in the Kajeth following Liosol's 1950 national election. Two years later Liosol "abandoned" Huy En, according to Premier Made, due to the drain that the protectorate had on Liosol's post-war economy. Following the withdrawal, Liosol asked the Protectorate of Huy En to join the Charter, a trade organization that was expanding by means of a mutual defense treaty. Huy En declined, stating that they would resume their practice of neutrality and become a buffer between Qonklaks and Liosol.