Proto-East-Mirarian language

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Proto-East-Mirarian (PEM) is the hypothetical reconstructed ancestor to the East-Mirarian language family. It is believed to have been spoken somewhere between 7000 to 4000 years ago (estimates vary). The precise location of their original homeland is not known, though most theories place it somewhere in the vicinity of the Sheisho mountains in western Juhashka.



The consonant system had a two-way contrast of stop consonants (fortis vs. lenis).

Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar Unknown
central lateral plain labial
Nasal m n (ñ)
Plosive and Affricate p b t d (ć) č (j) k g kʷ gʷ q
Fricative s z ś š
Glide j w x
Liquid r l