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Proto-Vaniuan is a hypothetical common language that has had controversy in regards to the ethnicities involved. It is assumed that the proto language existed possibly between 3,000 and 1,000 BCE before the spread of horseback riding. Samples of such cognates are the word "healthy" in Proto-Vaniuan, which is assumed to be *kit, is see in Ohanian, dut in Shohuanese, and kəḍ Komanian.



Edat Kiluz Theory

Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal ⟨m⟩ /m/ ⟨n⟩ /n/ ⟨ñ⟩ /ŋ/
Plosive ⟨p⟩ /p/
⟨ph⟩ /pʰ/
⟨t⟩ /t/
⟨th⟩ /tʰ/
⟨d⟩ /ʈ/
⟨dh⟩ /ʈʰ/
⟨c⟩ /c~kʲ/
⟨cw⟩ /cʷ~kʷʲ/
⟨k⟩ /k/
⟨kh⟩ /kʰ/
⟨kw⟩ /kʷ~kw/
⟨kwh⟩ /kʰʷ/
Fricative ⟨s¹⟩ /s/
⟨s¹h⟩ /sʰ/
⟨s²⟩ /ʃ~ç/
⟨s²h⟩ /ʃʰ~çʰ/
⟨h¹⟩ /x~sʲ~h/
⟨h²⟩ /x~xʷ~hʷ/
⟨h³⟩ /ꭓ~h~ʔ~ʕ/
Lateral app. ⟨l¹⟩ /r~l/ ⟨l²⟩ /ɫ~ʟ/


Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid e¹ e² o¹ o²
Open a

Corresponding Sets

Proto-Vaniuan Proto-Shohuanese Old Ohan Proto-East Vaniuan Proto-South Vaniuan Hemberdorian Vaniuan
*m /m*/ /m/ /mʲ*/ /m*/ /m/
*n /n*/ /n/ /nʲ*/ /n*/ /n/
/n*/ /b~m*/ /ŋ*/ /ng*/ /n~∅~ŋ/
*p /b*/ /p/ /b*/ /t*/ /b/
*ph /p*/ /b/ /f*/ /?*/ /p/
*t /d*/ /d/ /d~t*/ /t*/ /t/
*th /d~z~r*/ /t~θ/ /θ*/ /θ*/ /tʰ/
*d /d*/ /ts/ /t*/ /dl*/ /tɕ~ɭ/
*dh /r*/ /dz/ /tʰ*/ /tʃ*/ /ɾ~tɕʰ~ɭ/
*c /j*/ /k/ /dʒ*/ /ts*/ /j/
*cw /c*/ /g/ /dʒw*/ /t*/ /p/
*k /g*/ /x/ /k*/ /k*/ /k/
*kh /q~k*/ /h/ /x*/ /r*/ /kʰ/
*kw /kw*/ /g/ /k*/ /g*/ /p/
*khw /f*/ /d~b/ /kʰ*/ /v*/ /pʰ/
*s¹ /z*/ /s/ /ʃ*/ /ɟ*/ /s/
*s¹h /s*/ /ʃ/ /s*/ /ts*/ /ss~s/
*s² /s*/ /ʃ/ /ʃ*/ /ʃ*/ /ɕ/
*s²h /ʃ*/ /ʃ/ /ʃ*/ /ʃ*/ /ɕʰ/
*h¹ /q*/ /x~s/ /h*/ /x*/ /h/
*h² /w~hw*/ /gl~gu~w/ /w*/ /w*/ /h/
*h³ /∅*/ /∅/ /∅*/ /h*/ /h/
*l¹ /r*/ /l~r/ /lʲ*/ /l*/ /ɭ*/
*l² /l~w*/ /l~w/ /ɰ*/ /w*/ /ɭ/