Provinces of the Republic of the Mbamigi Islands

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Map of the Provinces of the Republic of the Mbamigi Islands

The Republic of the Mbamigi Islands is divided into five provinces and one territory. Each province includes several islands. The Ndoone 'Age Capital Territory and 'Age Province are the only national subdivsions to share a land border as both are located on the island of 'Age.

All of Mbamigi's provinces are named after its largest or most populous island.

Province Flag Area (km2) (sq mi) Population Population Density
Mbamigi Province Mbamigi Province flag.png 9,767.44 km2 (3,771.23 sq mi) 136,998 14.03/km2 (36.3/sq mi)
Ndoone 'Age Capital Territory Ndoone 'Age flag.png 177.22 km2 (68.43 sq mi) 412,123 2,325.52/km2 (6,023.1/sq mi)
Ziilem Provence Ziilem flag.png 9,126.21 km2 (3,523.65 sq mi) 11,188 1.23/km2 (3.2/sq mi)
Zango'a Province Zango'a flag.png 7,241.71 km2 (2,796.04 sq mi) 135,095 18.66/km2 (48.3/sq mi)
Nae Geengi Province Nae Geengi flag.png 3,834.13 km2 (1,480.37 sq mi) 7,520 1.96/km2 (5.1/sq mi)
'Age Province Age Province flag.png 7,395.52 km2 (2,855.43 sq mi) 178,141 24.09/km2 (62.4/sq mi)
Total 37,542.22 km2 (14,495.13 sq mi) 881,065 23.47/km2 (60.8/sq mi)