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ClassificationBavkir Religion/Qazan Religion
ScriptureTaakam(Devotionist Holy Book), Qaldaqam(Book of Qaldaý)
TheologyDualism, Reincarnation, Monotheism
Region Qazania
FounderAtqar Qarwy Qaldaý
Origin~1200 AD
West Khaazland, Upper Boroso
Branched fromDevotionism
SeparationsTraditional Qaldaism, Progressive

Qaldaism is the state religion of Qazania and a religion that branched off of Devotionism around ~1100AD. The religion centres around the belief that Jet is the only god, and that there will be a day where Jet will create a new holy realm for the purest souls in the world.


The etymology of the name comes from the name of the prophet Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý. The name "Qaldaý" itself comes from the word "qaldaý" in Qazan, which means "after" and "future".


Qaldaism started off as a branch of Jetism - a denomination of Devotionism, and split off at around ~1200 AD. According to the Book of Qaldaý, Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý received a holy vision and proclaimed that Jet is the only god. Qaldaý created the Qaldic Church and self-declared himself as the First Pontiff of the Qaldic Church. Eventually, the Qaldic Church existed as a political and religious entity, and its influence expanded throughout the rest of Khaazland. The Qaldic Church gained military power and was able to overthrow the kingdom of West Khaazland, and eventually through a series of conquests was successful at uniting Khaazland. Through this, Qaldaism was able to become the dominant religion in Qazania to this day.

Apart from the traditional narrative of the origins of Qaldaism, there may be other historical factors that have affected its development. Primarily, Jetists and Sharvirsiidists have lived in Northern Khaazland, and their extensively contact may have led to several exchanged ideas within Qaldaism. Henotheism was common in the area, and its transformation into monotheism is not uncommon.

Core Beliefs


Unlike Devotionism, Qaldaism is monotheistic. The worship of Jet is not exclusive to Qaldaism and had existed before Qaldaism in Jetism and to some extent in Shavirsiid. However, Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý was the first to proclaim that Jet is the only god and denounce the status of god for all other deities.

Jet's 8 Basic Principles

According to Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý, there are 8 basic principles of Jet.

  • Jet is the only God - Due to Jet's ability to defeat Juulika and create a world that is unseen in other deities, Jet is the only god.
  • Jet is immortal - Jet has existed at the beginning when there is nothing more than Jet and Juulika - the land and the sea of eternity. As anything that has a beginning would have an end, since there could not be a beginning point of Jet's existence, Jet is immortal.
  • Jet is not confined to specific realms - Jet has created all the realms, and therefore Jet has control over all the realms.
  • Jet can create something out of nothing - Jet has created the universe when there is nothing, and therefore one could observe Jet's ability to create something out of nothing.
  • Jet is holiness - Jet is at the top of the realms, above the holiest realm and therefore Jet is holiness itself.
  • Jet controls the laws of the universe - Jet has created the universe and created the laws of the universe with it.
  • Jet commands other deities - Jet created other deities, and commands them to act to Jet's will.
  • Jet is all powerful - Jet can change anything according according to will, Jet can command deities, create something out of nothing and manipulate the universe, therefore Jet is all powerful.



The Ultimate Goal


Creation Wheel



Religious Rites


Festival of Zalaz

Rite of Death

Ritual Cleaning



Traditional Qaldaism

Progressive Qaldaism