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Qazmay Bashana Yira (also Qazmay Yira or Qozmay Yira) (Koman language: Qāzmay Bāshāna Yira, . Qāzmay Bāshāna Yira .) (1877–1948) was a Koman painter and poet, known for having contributed to the Koman neo-traditionalist trend and for developing a unique art style. She was credited by the Şāzay regime for her role during the Koman re-education efforts and promotion of Koman culture and art.


1877-1898: Samadar

Yira was born on July 15th of 1877, on the outskirts of Samadar. Her father Ğerqan Qāzşim worked as an officer of the Imperial Army and was known for holding honours during the Komano-Balak conflicts. Her mother Qāzmay Bāshāna was a renown tapestry weaver and owned her own textile industry. Yira spent most of her childhood living in the Usağdaş district near Samadar and at her's family estate in the modern province of Toroshdan. Thanks to the high honours given to her father in 1895 Yira was able to enter to the Imperial Academy of National Arts where she spent the following years mastering her techniques. She graduated on January 5th of 1898 with a master diploma in refined arts. Following her graduation, Yira moved to Shanvan where she started to enrol in the growing intellectual sphere of the capital, due to the lack of demand for her art she began to live at the expense of her family until the death of her father on December 18th of 1898 where her mother, concerned by Yira's precarious situation sent her to the live with her aunt at the city of Şozasan in Balakia which Yira described as " an attempt for my (her) mother (Qāzmay) to find economical relief".

1898-1901: Life in Balakia

During her stay in Balakia Yira

1901 onwards: Success

Later years

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