Republic of Kahamogo

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Republic of Kahamogo
Kahamogo Erecet
Kahamogo Ereşet


Capital Not specified
Languages Balak, numerous indigenous languages
Religion Zarasaism
Government Presidential Republic
Historical era Modern Era
 •  Independence from Balakia 2 October 1963
 •  Merger with Obuzga Federation 23 October 1973
Today part of  Ebo Nganagam

The Republic of Kahamogo was a state in Puzimm which emerged from Balak colonial rule, founded in 1963 along with the modern country of Sonka through the final dissolution of the Balak Empire. It bordered the Obuzga Federation to the south and the Parshita Sea to the north. Unlike in Sonka, the Zonkamâ monarchy was abolished in Kahamogo, with a presidential system being adopted in its stead. The state existed for 10 years before merging with Obuzga to create Ebo Nganagam.

From independence until being ousted from power during a coup(?), the country was led by revolutionary Beshewe Zwinda, during which time the country was lambasted by critics of the Zwinda government for economic mismanagement, widespread corruption, anti-Balak racism, human rights abuses, and crimes against humanity. Zwinda rejected proposals for Kahamogo to unite with Obuzga despite having called for a pan-Puzimm state prior to taking power. In the wake of Zwinda's removal from power in 1971, pro-union factions assumed control, and plans for unification were devised. While not without its opponents, a merger of the two nations into the modern state of Ebo Nganagam was peacefully effectuated in 1973 under supervision of the International Congress, after which former Kahamogo territory was reorganised into new states within the Confederation.