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Republic of Rocnaia
akyate t'rokna (Rocnaian)
acyate t∙Rocna
Official languages Rocnaian
Demonym Rocnaian
Independence from Tullach Chieftaincies
 -  Total recognised 69,483 km2
26,828 sq mi
 -  Total claimed 273,490 km2
105,600 sq mi
 -  estimate 254,700
or 753,520 (including claimed territories)
 -  Density 3.67/km2
9.5/sq mi
Time zone (SCT+7)

Rocnaia (Rocnaian: rokna rocna [IPA]), officially the Republic of Rocnaia, is a landlocked country located in northern Ystel. It borders Mermelia and Llila and Lufasa, as well as Thraquy and Varencub, though these are not formally recognised by the nation.

Rocnaia gained independence from the Tullach Chieftaincies in 2024, claiming not only the lands of the Tullach region of Rocnaia, but also the entirety of Thraquy, Varencub, Ancorub and Hranloc, as these are all Rocnaian-speaking territories all once found within the former Kingdom of Rocnaia. These extra claims almost quadruple its land area and triple its population, however they are not recognised by any other member of the International Congress and currently prevent Rocnaia from entering local international organisations such as the Ystelian Community and the Asuran Economic International Oceanic Union. Additionally, Rocnaia is the country with the most territorial disputes with other countries with five, Tullachia being the fifth due to the joint Tullaco-Thraquian administration of Cnins and Sercns.

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