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Vaniua, Northern Miraria
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Ryamaian languages are a language family consisting of the Sirchak, Masic and Vaniuan language families. It was first proposed in 1912 by Adiva Eseyes, an expert in the indigenous languages of Northern Miraria, in his book Anthropology of the Steppe: An Essay on the Cultures of Vaniu and Beyond. The definitive members of the Ryamaian language family vary and as of the present day, only Vaniuan, Sirchak, and Masic have been proven to be related to one another.



The various subgroups of the Ryamaian languages include three major branches, listed in alphabetical order:



The Ryamaian proto-language is argued by Adiva Eseyes to have been spoken by Mesolithic hunter-pastoralists in eastern Soltenna and Ensia and Suenia around the eastern Gelog Sea between 10,000 and 4,000 BCE, and that the proto-languages of the derived families may have been carried east and southward out of this homeland in several successive waves, north to Central Miraria and south to Vaniua.


There has been infrequent claims that the Rietic, Baitaar, Amaian, and East Mirarian language families are related to the Ryamaian language family. However, no conclusive evidence has been proven to confirm any relationship with these languages other than coincidences or the occasional wanderwort spread along the Mirarian steppe. As a result, these relationships are not considered in most circles due to a total lack of concrete evidence in support of such relationships.

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