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19th century depiction of Sãļŋàŋ
Khul of Mai Thi
SpousesSẽ She

Sãļŋàŋ was a Maithic general and the first Khúl of the Maithic Empire, one of the largest empires to exist in the region. Renowned for his skill on the battlefield, he launched campaigns across all of West Soltenna, and came to be known as “the whirlwind” in Mai Thi. He single-handedly brought down the Phõ dynasty in Qonklaks, and executed the Qonklese Emperor in 1238.

Early life and origin

Birth and name

It's believed that Sãļŋàŋ was born around 1300, though the exact date is debated. The most well-agreed upon date is 1203, which is supported by the writings of his sons. Due to lack of written accounts from this time period, not much is known about the early of Sãļŋàŋ or his origin. The name "Sãļŋàŋ" has no discernable origin in Old or Modern Maithic, which has lead to speculation that Sãļŋàŋ was not actually ethnically Maithic, or was only partially of Maithic descent. Sãļŋàŋ also did not use a surname, instead preferring to be called "Sãļŋàŋ Khúl" or simply "Sãļŋàŋ," leading to speculation that he was of extremely lowborn descent.

Early life and family

Nothing is known of Sãļŋàŋ's parents, as Sãļŋàŋ never spoke of them, and there are no written records of his parents. According to later records compiled Sãļŋàŋ's descendants, Sãļŋàŋ left his family by the time he was 16 or 17, and joined several raiding and mercenary parties; supposedly achieving legendary feats of individual strength. The most significant of these, the X, was written in 1553, detailing a semi-legendary account of Sãļŋàŋ's life, and remains one of the greatest works of Maithic literature.

Leader of the Maithics

In 1333, Sãļŋàŋ was elected as the X of the Maithics. It is unclear whether this position only referred to a specific Maithic clan or all of the Maithics, and contemporary accounts couldn't seem to reach a consensus. He quickly reorganized the loose Maithic raiding parties into a highly organized and formidable army, who he began offering up as mercenaries. They first made their appearance during X, in which they X.

Conquest of Mai Thi

After the Qonklese failed to pay Sãļŋàŋ and his army, Sãļŋàŋ took advantage of the weakened state of Qonklaks and began to conquer large portions of land for himself and his people. Qonklese accounts detail how Sãļŋàŋ began to encourage the Maithics to leave X and begin settling in the Maithic plains. This massive upheaval lead to the displacement of many Karduvic and X peoples in the area, causing large-scale conflict in the regions they moved to.

Military campaigns

Death and succession