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Holy Order of Samar
Samar Cencah (Koman)
Samar Shənşah
CapitalSamar Castle (Khassahyan of Komania, main headquarters)
Religion Shawaddi Zarasaism
Government Theocratic Absolute Monarchy
Currency Sekham, Hazkham

The Samar Holy Order (the Samar state) was a Shawaddi Zarasaist state founded by Bashbar-e Sayan after he took control of the Samar Castle in 1709 CE, which marked the beginning of an era of Shawaddism known as the "Kahadj period". Their people were also known as the Arashins or Kharashin.

The state included a nexus of strongholds throughout southern Komania and northern Vucheshia, with their territories being surrounded by huge swathes of hostile territory. It was formed as a result of a religious and political movement of the minority Shawaddi sect supported by anti-Balak population. Being heavily outnumbered, the Shawaddi resisted adversaries by employing strategic, self-sufficient fortresses and the use of unconventional tactics, notably assassination of important adversaries and psychological warfare.

Despite the threats in their hostile environment, the Arashins in this period developed a sophisticated outlook and literary tradition.

Almost a century after its foundation, the state declined internally and its leadership capitulated to the Ashar Mizarate, who later embraced the religious traditions of Arashin Shawaddis and sparked mass conversions within the Koman populace. The state was officially annexed 1801 CE and was eventually integrated into the newly proclaimed Imperial State as a "Holy State", being partly sovereign under Komania's banner system.






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