Sangmian-Casmadak languages

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Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Sangmian-Casmadak languages form a small and contested language family of Boroso, comprising the Sangmian languages of Sangmia and the Casmadakan language of Yaxarhayut. The Sangmian branch is solid, comprising at least five extant varieties in Sangmia and several historical forms in Sangmia and the surrounding regions (southwest Tuanmali and mountainous !Khaaz). The proposed link to the Casmadakan language enjoys some following but is not universally agreed-upon. The family totals perhaps eight million speakers, with over six million speakers of the Sangmian languages and 1.4 million speakers of Casmadakan.


Language Classification Number of native speakers Location
Tunnau language Sangmian 2,800,000 Mwamba
Casmadakan language Casmadak 1,400,000 Yaxarhayut
Kräk language Sangmian 1,300,000 Mwamba
Haanzac language Sangmian 1,100,000 Mwamba
Veizea language Sangmian 800,000 Mwamba
Ubëishounhai language Sangmian 700,000 Mwamba