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Sarda of Sanmra
File:Tien'a image
since 1903
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since 1903
StyleHer Majesty
First monarchTirina
Formationlike 500 BC

The sarda are the supreme leaders of the Sanmra government, as well as the formal representatives of Sanmra internationally. The current sarda are Tien'a ni Edara and her husband Ledan rıl Losa.


Persistent urban legends link the etymology of the term "sarda" to Modern Tirina "sa ada" ("ruler-woman"), referencing the first sarda, Tirina. However, there is little to no historical evidence that this is the case. The actual origins of the word are obscure, though most linguists agree it is likely descended from the Old Tirina word sash (clan leader). (Coincidentally, this is also the origin of the term "sa", so the urban legend is in some degree correct!)


The origins of the modern institution date back to before the founding of the Sanmra nation. Many of the scattered dalar groups were family- or clan-oriented, with a single leader who took input from the community at large, but ultimately was the one responsible for decision-making, justice, and other such tasks. When the Council of Elders, itself a collection of these sashmiz (clan leaders), chose Tirina to serve as its head, they granted her similar powers over the confederated groups as a whole, a sort of sash of sashmiz, a leader of leaders.

Initially, this authority was invested in a single individual, but over time, it developed into the modern pair of equal rulers.

Entering and exiting office

Roles and responsibilities

Manner of address

List of sarda

The following is a list of known sarda. If the sarda were not husband and wife, this is indicated in parentheses following their names.

Sarda name(s) Reign Notable events Reasons for leaving office
Tirina ??? BC to ??? BC the first sarda and founder of the Sanmra nation death (natural causes)
Dengel ??? BC to ??? BC did some stuff I guess who knows
Orsea ??? BC to ??? BC or maybe it's AD now breakaway of Tuanmali who knows
... ... ... ...
Lıniıl and Asihan 1870 to 1903 made many treaties with human nations death of Lıniıl (assassination)
Tien'a and ??? 1903 to present made more treaties, I guess