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The city of Sasah was founded in antiquity by the native population of Letzi people.


The exact date of the city's founding is unknown, but it was


During Ketudjer's classical period, the city economical and military power of the city state grew to prominence in the area, eventually, becoming rivaled with another powerful city state Vaṡmuk.

Valley War

Vaṡmuk and her allies attacked Ketudjer and her allies in the year 1124 BCE, with the conquest of one of the border cities, and the war lasted until 1111 BCE. This war lead to the dominance of Vaṡmuk over the Vomusian city-states which would last until the region's incorporation into the Letsatian empire. The city's decline in this era left ruins of abandoned and destroyed sections of the city after it was lost in the final battle of the war.


Allowed to recover, the city expanded again under foreign rule.


After the fall of the Letsatian empire, the city became capital of the inner kingdom after the scramble for territory that was left behind.


The city was eventually designated the capital of the newly-conquered Baredinan territories after the Bavkir Empire invaded the region. Originally the territorial capital had been Koþondaa however, after the incorporation of more territory, it was eventually moved to a more central location to allow for more efficient governance in the year 1582. The city was renamed to 'Sasah', a shortening of "Sasan's City" after it was established as the capital.


In the designated "neutral region", the city, and by extension, the metropolitan area is fairly diverse featuring cultures from across the nation with large populations of Hemeshis, Bavkirs, and Vomzi people. The city also contains Pashaists, Devotionists and Iovists in significant populations.


Today, the city remains the capital of Zhinayak.